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310g Mixture of salt and pepper

introductory price EUR 9,99

Under the brand name Spice 2 Go ®, we offer the following gourmet products:

Tiger Malabar Pepper ® is
  • a hand-picked gourmet pepper from India
  • a high-quality, 100% organic product
  • of fruity and mild sharpness

Silver Crystal ® Kalahari Salt is
  • an indigenous salt with minerals and trace elements
  • a high-quality, 100% natural product
  • from a natural salt lake in the Kalahari Desert
  • more than 280 million years old
  • free from negative environmental influences

Wikinger Salz ® / Viking Salt
  • is coarse-grained Silver Crystal® Kalahari Salt
  • is smoked according to Danish tradition
  • gets its taste from beech wood and Rooibos

For better quality of life

We see ourselves
  • as a partner for sustainable and environmentally reasonable trade
  • as a service provider that delivers high-quality products
  • as a promoter of cultural and social projects in the country of origin of our products
With the purchase of a Tiger Malabar Pepper ® product you are supporting the organization 21st Century Tiger, which seeks to preserve the wild tiger from extinction in India.

With the purchase of a Silver Crystal® Kalahari Salt or Wikinger Salz ® / Viking Smoked Salt product you are supporting the ‡Khomani San and Mier Communities in the Kalahari desert in maintaining their original areas of life by promoting the !Xaus Lodge, which is in the possession of these communities.